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Round and Round the Crochet Hook

Dec 09, 2017


Garden Rows Cushion

One of the wonderful perks of being in the hooky business is the ability to connect with, and support other designers and creators. I have noticed that the crochet world stands apart from the rest in the way that everyone is so positive and encouraging. So when I heard that the talented Emily from The Loopy Stitch was bringing out a new crochet book and there'd be a blog tour I was in! 

GR 1.jpg

I had to wait patiently for the book to arrive snail-mail style and I was very excited when it finally arrived in my mailbox! The book, Round and Round the Crochet Hook, is a fabulous collection of circular, rounds-based patterns. There's something for everyone inside - from quick projects like garlands or mandalas to others that take a bit longer, like Winnie's Wonderland Blanket. I would actually have loved to make that one but I was a little pressed for time and have decided to save that beauty for another day.  

GR 2.jpg

After thumbing through the patterns many times, I settled on the Garden Rows Cushion. I have a bit of a "thing" for crochet cushions so this one really sang to me. The pattern includes charts (actually, all the patterns do), which is my favourite way to work, and the cover is fully removable too - yay! It took me a little while to settle on a colour palette I was happy with and I ended up choosing a collection of six rich, jewel-like shades of Rico Essentials Cotton DK - aren't they pretty?!!

GR 3.jpg

This was a pretty fast make. It was my pick-up and put-down project that was always ready to take along with me to the beach, swimming lessons and other activities. Like most mandala style projects the joy is in watching how each new round alters the overall look of the piece. 

GR 4.jpg

I estimate it probably took me about 4-5 hours in total to complete, and once I got my head around the repeat patterns in each new round it was plain sailing (such is the joy of a symmetrical round pattern!).

And there you have it - complete with removable ties so that it can be cleaned if need be. Who am I kidding? Of course it's going to need a bath at some point with three grubby sets of hands in the house LOL!

I'm so pleased with the result and it's already taking pride of place on my bed, along with Frida and Granny!

GR 6.jpg

And one more, just for luck! 

GR 5.jpg

Thanks so much Emily for inviting me to join your tour - it's been lovely to see all the different projects people have made from your book and the way our different colour choices transform your attractive and versatile designs.

Seriously, if you're caught short for a Christmas gift for a crafty friend or family member this year, this book could well be your answer.

Happy hooking!


Alia xx


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